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Vitalspring Affynyty



Navteq Locations

Website | Wireframes | Concept deck | 3D map (by request)

Designed company’s first consumer and business facing map editing portal. Provided user research and analysis, conceptual designs, and wireframe deliverables. Other work included conceptual stage designs for Navteq.com corproate web site, new 3D map portal, and internal admin tools.


RevolutionHealth.com Consumer Health Portal

Website | Wireframes | Site map | Concept board

Designed the user experience for a wide range of products for the initial launch of the consumer health portal including health tools, care provider directory, treatment ratings, goals program, and health manager. Also concepted and prototyped new product ideas. More recent examples available by request.


3D Patient Records for Dentistry

Video Demo | JADA Submission | JADA Site | Hi-Fi 2 Writeup | Lo-Fi Writeup

Three dimensional imaging technology is quickly becoming a possibility in the dental realm.  How can we best use this rich data to better patient care?  Collaborated with UPitt Dental Informatics Institute on this project.  Work was published as the cover story in the Journal of the American Dental Association.


AVIVA: A Fitness Monitor For Young Women

Demo | Prototype | Process Slides | CHI Paper | CHI Poster

See how we use a holistic and aesthetic view to track and improve your overall health.  AVIVA’s unique interface helps promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  Accepted into CHI 2006 Student Design Competition


FLO Conversational User Interface

Process Slides | Novice Scenario Mp3 | Expert Scenario Mp3

Listen in as we explore the voice controlled interface.  Sound icons, error control, preference clarification, and spatial sound are used in this voice-only e-mail system.


Palm Pilot Redesign

Process Report | Heuristic Analysis UARs | Cognitive Walkthrough | CW UARs

In depth usability testing done on the Palm Pilot interface.  In depth scenarios illustrate the changes we made.  All recommendations are rooted in evidence gathered from usability methods.  The most used methods included Think Aloud, Heuristic Analysis, and Cognitive Walkthrough.  The report also covers Contextual Inquiry and Design, Model Human Processor Analysis, and Interaction Relabeling.